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27 March 2007 @ 10:32 pm
Enchanted Souls  
Who: Ernie Macmillian and Daphne Greengrass
Where: Somewhere in London
When: March 25, at some god forsaken time of night
Why: They're getting hitched!
Closed {This is on both of our behalfs. So there shall be no replying. XP }

Ernie whisked Daphne away the minute she had accepted his wedding proposal. It had been so sudden. He was so caught up in his emotions. He wondered how one night of passion turned into a relationship and would now be a marriage. He thought about his family and how angry they would be. He didn't care. He loved Daphne. He wanted to be with her because she made him happy. He wanted to appreciate her for who she was and everything she could offer him. 

He apparated her to London where he knew the perfect place to marry Daphne. He had been thinking about this for a while now. He hadn't known Daphne for too long, but he knew this was right. He wondered how Daphne's parents would take it that she did this suddenly and didn't inform them of her plans. He hoped they would understand they're urges, being young adults and all. He knew once this was over he would have to prepare himself for a few speeches. He didn't care. As long as Daphne was a part of his life, nothing mattered. He would take the speeches as they came and even debate with whoever had  a problem with their sudden marriage.

He held Daphne's hand as they walked down the streets of London. They were still people about. Mostly people who loved the night life London had to offer. There were night clubs spread about, there were a few fancy restaurants nearby as well and finally he saw his destination not that far ahead. He had actually remembered the words of the owner of the establishment when he met him for the first time. Ernie had been curious as to how the owner got the idea for his establishment.

"Muggles all over the world have wedding chapels open 24 hours a day. Some even have drive-throughs attached. The most popular ones would be in the United States of America. I've never been over there myself, but I hear those muggles are just crazy about overnight weddings."

Ernie laughed at the owner. "I think you're an odd, odd man."

"Many people do. Why the question? Planning on getting married soon?"

"Perhaps," Ernie replied, not wanting to reveal too much to a man he didn't know.

"She must be a lucky girl then. It's not every day that a man thinks about marriage."

"No, I guess not. Well, thank you sir and have a good day."

"See you soon lad."

That was a few weeks ago. Now here he was about to prove to the owner of the establishment that he had indeed been intending on getting married. The bells on the door rung when he opened the door for Daphne. He stepped inside the place soon after she did. He noticed her scan the place and felt nervous. He hoped she didn't think this place was too cheesy. It was elegantly decorated. Flowers were all over the place and there was a beautiful piano nearby. An old man was playing a sweet melody that seemed to enchant one's soul. The owner chuckled, but didn't say anything about Ernie's previous visit. 

"How can I help you?" he asked them.

"We would like to get married," Ernie told him simply.

He man nodded his head. "Are you two interested in purchasing flowers, wedding bands, cake or anything else your little hearts desire?" he asked them.

"No, I think we're good."

"Very well. Follow me."

Ernie led Daphne, who was dressed in a beautiful white skirt and dressy shirt, to the altar. Ernie himself was wearing some cream colored slacks and a white button up shirt. It was the best the both of them could do given the short amount of time they had to get dressed. The man read the usual words a priest would recite if he were performing the ceremony. Ernie and Daphne just listened intently to his words. Occasionally they would look at each other and smile. Soon it was time for their vows.

"I, Ernie Aidan Macmillian, take you Daphne Annalise Greengrass, to be my wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do us part," he spoke and slid the ring he had gotten for Daphne on her finger. A moment later Daphne said her vows and she seemed a bit nervous about them. She got through them ok.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife. Mr. Macmillian you may now kiss the bride."

With these words Ernie wrapped his arms around Daphne's waist and gently pulled her in for a kiss. The kiss deeped once they realized they were married. Both of them were as happy as they could ever be

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