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01 April 2007 @ 04:54 pm
Who All Graduating Seventh Years
Where the Great Hall
When April 1st. Afternoon.
Why time to go...
OPEN TO those with the time to attend.

The staff stood out in the Hall, guiding in the graduating party, organised by their house. It was semi-troublesome, seeing as many students rathered to stick with their counterparts or friends from other houses. Hermione sat behind the large table, wringing her hands. Not only was she to recite a speech, but she was to also hold back diplomas. Two of them.

The first one belonged to Michael Corner. One who's case was of self-harm. He still had graduating credits, according to Dumbledore, therefore apt to graduate. Hermione would have rather burned it than had to deliver it to him.

The second diploma belonged to Draco Malfoy, fellow Head Student. He had carted himself off only a couple days before hand, leaving Hermione to take up the whole of the rest of her duties. It was a shame that she had performed most of them by her lonesome, but she was okay dealing with that lot.

Professor Dumbledore smiled at her, walking over. Through the bustle and noise of the students, he spoke. "Nervous, Miss Granger?" He said in a gentle voice. Hermione could hear him, though. She held her head up high.

"I am. But I'm sure it is all for nothing." Her eyes stung. "I would have liked to see my family here, but those are other circumstances. I am just happy that I'm graduating."

Dumbledore gave her a curt nod, before turning with a twinkle in his eyes. "I'm sure your mother is here right now." Hermione was left with that thought as her Head of House simmered down the students. With a sharp glance to Dumbledore and then back at Hermione, Professor McGonagall cleared her throat.

"Welcome all to the seventh year graduating class of 98. We are pleased to have you today. This shouldn't be as long as it is expected. I'm sure you are all itching to leave soon. At this time, we'll have some words from our Head Girl, in the absence of her partner. Hermione Granger."

There was a clap, loud and resonating, going throughout the Hall as she stood. It was hard to look at all of these people that she had shared memories with...the bad ones and the good ones, and tell them goodbye.

"It's over." She said quietly, approaching the podium. "Finally. After seven years, fights, kisses, hormones, and bad grades. O.W.L. studies. The loss of loved ones. Students leaving. We've finally been able to draw this year to a close. Although I'm sure most of you have looked forward to this day from the first year you got sorted in this hall, you'll miss it."

"There is a lot here that we're leaving behind to get raucously shoved into real life. We've spent most of our lives in this school. There's not a way to miss the attachments that have grown. They might not have to have been to people, or to classes, or to teachers."

"There's still something about sitting in the Great Hall, lying in a four poster, the scenery outside. There's still something that you'll miss. You all, graduating. You're amazing. You may not get along with each other. But we've all survived this year together. And I'm proud to be able to present you with your diplomas. It's over, you all. Finally done."

She gave a small smile, before reaching behind her to scoop up the diplomas to applause. Stepping down next to McGonagall, holding back the aforementioned diplomas, she gave them out. Hermione stood in line, shaking people's hands. No matter who they were, they got a handshake and a smile. Her friends beamed and congratulated her.

She had already been presented with her diploma. As soon as they were all done, it was over. Students were yelling and screaming. With a sad smile at all of the people around, Hermione took a seat with her diploma on top of Michael's and Draco's. Who knew that the year was over. All that was left was the Graduation Party and that would be it.
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Harry James Potterhjames_potter on April 1st, 2007 11:44 pm (UTC)
Harry sat down next to Hermione, diploma in his closed fist. "It's weird, isn't it?" he asked after a while. "It feels that just yesterday I was a small skinny boy, with a mop of uncontrollable black hair and green eyes, who was still trying get used to the fact that he was a wizard. And at the same time, it feels so long ago..." He shook his head, looking up at the magical ceiling of the Great Hall. "We went through so much here." He sighed, "I'm gonna miss this place. My first true home."
Hermione Elizabeth Granger: regretful.hermione_liz on April 2nd, 2007 12:13 am (UTC)
Hermione smiled tentatively. "You still have uncontrollable hair and green eyes...not much there. But yeah. It has definitely been a great experience here." She looked down at her diploma. It still was hard for her to take in. She was graduating. She really was.